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Nanjing–Hangzhou–Ningbo High-Speed Railways to Open June 30th

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Two new high-speed railways linking Nanjing, Hangzhou, and Ningbo are going to open on June 30, 2013. With a designated top speed of 350 km per hour, the Nanjing–Hangzhou–Ningbo high-speed rail lines are expected to shorten traveling times to less than an hour between Nanjing and Hangzhou, and around an hour between Hangzhou and Ningbo.

The new rail lines started a month of trial operations with a speed of 300 km per hour on May 24th.

Station Stops

NanjingHangzhou high-speed railway has a length of 248 kilometers, from Nanjing South Railway Station to Hangzhou East Station through nine stations: Jiangning Station, Lishui Station, Liyang Station, Xinyixin Station, Xinchangxin Station, Dingshu Station, Huzhou South Station, Deqing Station, and Yuhang Station.

HangzhouNingbo high-speed railway, as another important section of Yangtze River Delta region’s high-speed rail network, has a length of 150 kilometers and will run through seven stations: Hangzhou East Station, Hangzhou South Station, Shaoxing North Railway Station, Shangyu North Station, Yuci Station, Zhuangqiao Station, and Ningbo Station.

Ticket Prices

According to rail department communications, it is estimated that the ticket price will be about 112 RMB for a second-class seat on the Nanjing–Hangzhou high-speed railway, and 68 RMB for a second-class seat on the Hangzhou–Ningbo high-speed railway.

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