Pandas Survive 2013 Sichuan Earthquake Unhurt

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All the giant pandas in Ya'an's Bifengxia Giant Panda Base, including those relocated from Wolong Nature Reserve after the 2008 earthquake, were not hurt by the earthquake that hit Lushan County in Southwest China's Sichuan province on April 20, 2013.

Most of the pandas in the Bifengxia Giant Panda Base, including those that had experienced the 2008 earthquake, were frightened by the most recent quake. The terrified pandas climbed high into trees when the tremor struck. Some baby pandas were still too frightened to climb down after the earthquake. But now all the pandas have calmed down, reassured by base staff care and attention, and none of them are injured.

Bifengxia Giant Panda Base, the world's largest panda breeding center, is currently closed to the public due to continuing after shocks, but is likely to reopen in May. If you would like to take part in a panda care volunteer program at Bifengxia or Chengdu's Panda Breeding and Research Center, see our Giant Panda Tours.

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