CNTA supports Fujian tourism business to Taiwan

Updated: December 29, 2007 | Clicks: 2898

The Fujian Tourism Bureau said the China National Tourism Administration has unveiled a list of suggestions for supporting the development of the business regions of Fujian.

The list indicates that the tourism area on the west side of the Taiwan Straits is one of 12 important tourism areas under China's planning during the 11th Five Year period. It mentions that China will attract more Taiwanese tourists to Fujian and CNTA supports Fujian to become an initial experimental province in the field of Taiwan-oriented tourism.

When mainland citizens are formally allowed to visit Taiwan, CNTA will also support Fujian as one of the first batch of opened areas and properly increase the quota of tourists and tour groups traveling from Fujian to Taiwan. The mainland residents are encouraged to go to Taiwan by the routes of Xiamen-Jinmen and Mawei-Mazu. In addition, CNTA will push Wuyishan Airport to be a location for Taiwan-bound service.

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