China Highlights Train Ticket Availability Search Available Now

Updated: February 27, 2012 | Clicks: 3448

China train availability search, a China Highlights’ new function, has been available recently. With this function, passengers can search the ticket availability of a Chinese train (within ten-day pre-sale period) before they go to a ticket office to buy a train ticket, which is really convenient and time-saving.

This new function is available in China Highlights’ China train page, on which you can search a train in four ways. After you enter the “search result” page, you can see the train schedule and price direct, and check out how many ticket left for a certain train by choosing your departure date and clinking the “search” icon. If you have any suggestion to help us improve or develop our services, you can contact us and send your feedbacks to us. We will be greatly appreciated.

Though China Highlights doesn’t provide train ticket booking services, we have prepared rich information about taking a train in China besides train search function, including train travel tips, how to buy train tickets in China, what do Chinese train look like, and how to board a train in China.

In China, train is the most popular means of transportation for long journeys, because of the money-saving. You can take trains as a method of travel for part of your tour in China. Check out the most popular China train tours.

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