Xiamen Railway Station Transformation — End of 2012 Start

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Xiamen Railway Station's transformation project is going to begin by the end of this year, according to Nanchang Railway Administration. It is expected to recover full use at the end of 2015.

The transformation project will include the construction of a South Station Building, a South Square, a North Station Building, a North Square and other supporting projects. After the project, the total area of Xiamen Railway Station will have been enlarged to 27,600 square meters. The new railway station will have 5 platforms, 9 station tracks, and an enlarged capacity, increasing from 1,500 passengers per hour to 4,000 passengers per hour.

You will be able to transfer easily to other methods of transport in the new railway station, which combines railways, long-distance buses, and other public transport well as a comprehensive transportation hub.

Note: As yet there are no plans to suspend services to Xiamen Railway Station during the transformation work. We will inform you if there will be any change to current train services.

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