Xi’an International Horticulture Expo to Open on April 28

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Xi’an International Horticulture Expo is scheduled to open on April 28, 2011, in Xi'an, the capital city of Shaanxi Province. The exposition will last 178 days till October 22. It is the third time that China has been the host of International Horticulture Expo, and the two previous host cities are Kunming in 1999 and Shenyang in 2006. Travelers also can visit Kunming Horticulture Expo Garden now.

Themed with ecological civilization, Xi’an International Horticulture is expected to be another great international event in China following Shanghai World Expo 2010 and Beijing Olympic Games 2008. The exposition site is in Guangyuntan(广运潭), one of the main ports in ancient China. The 109 exposition gardens on exposition can be divided into 8 categories which are: Master Garden, Creativity Park, World Garden, Feature Park, International Garden, Domestic Garden, Enterprises Garden and Hong Kong/Taipei/Macau Garden. Read more detailed information.

Besides, Xi’an International Horticulture Expo has another 11 highlights: grand opening ceremony and close ceremony, regatta on Guangyun Lake, overlook in Chang’an Tower, unique flora in Greenhouse, horticulture in Theme Pavilion, flowers in Five Major Horticulture Scenic Spots, shopping in Three Characteristic Zones, Flowers in Water (modern songs and dances), Ice Show (multi-media songs and dances), Float Parades Celebrating Carnival and numerous activities. Travel with China Highlights to see some of the world's best flowers and plants in Xi'an.

During the exposition period, there are three kinds of ticket fare: in ordinary days (156 days), it costs 100 yuan; in some designated days (22 days) including opening days, statutory holidays and closing days (April 28–April 30, May 1–May 3, June 4–June 6, September 10–September 12, October 1–October 7 and October 20–October 20), it costs 150 yuan; and a ticket for night visiting costs 60 yuan. 

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