CNTA to continue combating zero fee tour packages

Updated: July 30, 2007 | Clicks: 3444

In order to protect tourists' interests and ensure a healthy development of the Chinese tourism industry, the China National Tourism Administration says it is continuing to crackdown on zero-fee tour packages.

Zero-fee tour packages are those that charge travelers no upfront costs, or fees lower than the real cost of services, for transportation and lodging, but then travel agencies gain their money by often charging travelers exorbitant rates at souvenir stands, scenic spots, or restaurants. Travelers often complain that they feel cheated.

Man Hongwei, director of the Quality Regulation and Management Division of CNTA, has told local media that based on the achievements made in the past, CNTA would conduct a comprehensive check on all the key areas and key companies where the zero-fee tour package frequently appears. Man says CNTA will focus on solving problems that tourists frequently complain about and are a wide concern of the public. Companies and individuals who are involved in zero-fee tour packages will be exposed and punished accordingly.

According to an incomplete statistic printed in local media, the tourism departments at various levels have taken action 4597 times against zero-fee tour packages since 2006 and they have identified a total of 3269 cases on misleading travel advertising. In addition, CNTA has punished 21 travel agencies by suspending their business licenses.

News source: Chinahospitalitynews

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