Zhengzhou-Wuhan High-Speed Railway Launched

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A new high-speed railway connecting Zhengzhou and Wuhan opened on September 28th, 2012.

Along with the operation of the high-speed railway, the traveling time from Zhengzhou to Wuhan is shortened from four hours and 28 minutes to around two hours. This high-speed railway connects Zhengzhou East Railway Station and with Wuhan Railway Station, passing through seven cities.

The timetable below shows the departure/arrival time and high-speed trains' ticket prices.

Trains Departure/Arrival city Departure/arrival time Ticket prices
G650/G647 Zhengzhou – Wuhan/ Wuhan - Zhengzhou 8am/10:18am

First class: 398 yuan
Second class: 249 yuan

G538/G535 7:05am/9:19am
G824/G821 2pm/3:56pm
G846/G843 4:38pm/6:42pm
G842/G839 3pm/5:07pm

This high-speed railway provides a great convenience for communication between Central and Southeast China. Passengers can take high-speed trains from Zhengzhou East Railway Station to Xi'an, and from Wuhan Railway Station to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hefei and Nanjing.

There are five ways for customers to buy trains tickets: online, by telephone, auto ticket selling machine, railway station ticket selling window, and local train ticket office. Customers can book train tickets at most 12 days on line and by telephone and 10 days in a ticket window at a railway station or a local train ticket office. Plan and book your train travel in China with us now! You can also create your own train tour with our help.

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