China Highlights Suppliers Conference 2006 Held in Guilin

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China Highlights has just completed its annual Suppliers Quality Control Conference which was held in the famous tourist city of Guilin. The event ran for 2 days from January 6th to 8th with over 40 suppliers and local partners attending from all over China. The conference included meetings, presentations and discussion forums and was held to reinforce the relationship between China Highlight and its partners. China Highlights use this meeting to keep suppliers up to date with our service standards and our expectations of them as CHT's representatives in each location. China Highlights is also able to get feedback about new industry developments form all over China. The events ended with a gala dinner.

Our manager-victor

Our manager-Victor made a presentation on achievements we have made during the past years and our expectations of the suppliers as CHT's representatives in each location.

Our service manager-Elaine

Our service manager-Elaine explained the new services standard to all the representatives

China Highlights Natasha

China Highlights' Guide Natasha Shared her experience on how to be a good guide of China Highlights


China Highlights 2006 suppliers conference

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