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Updated: January 19, 2006 | Clicks: 1944

Chinahighlights Travel held a one-day meeting with experts from major travel agencies in the country this month.

The meeting was held in the Li River Waterfall Hotel-a luxury new 5 star hotel in Guilin. All members of Chinahighlights team and experts from major travel agencies in the country attended the meeting. The topic of the meeting was"how to improve our service and give our customers a better China experience".The meeting offered a great opportunity for the attendees to make new friends and learn new skills;delegates shared their knowledge, experience on traveling area. After further discussion on the topic, delegates came to 5 important points on how to better our service.

1. Being attentive

To ensure all our services are up to our customers' expectation, attentiveness is essential. Travel advisors and guides should pay attention to all details, making sure everything concerning the booked tour are properly arranged (Itineraries, hotels, flights/buses. etc.)

2. Being patient

Our customers need patient travel advisors and guides to work for them. In case any emergency,(guides miss their customers in the airport; customers fell sick during the tour)guides should strictly follow our regulations and have all the problems solved actively and patiently. Any complaints, action of shifting responsibilities are not allowed. Special attention should be paid to those customers who are handicapped, infants and people who have special requirement on their dishes.

3. Being affectionate

Guides and travel advisors should always be affectionate with their customers. They at first should keep in mind that customers are new in China and they need their help in every possible aspect and help their customers as much as they can. It is our travel advisors our manager, Victorand guides' obligation to help our customers learn more about China and enjoy their every minute’s stay in our country.

4. Being knowledgeable

Guides should know his/her information, showing our customers as much as he/she can. Regular coaching program for guides are required.

5. Being comprehensive

All staffs should try their best to provide our customers comprehensive services. Drivers
and guides both are required to have proper appearance, polite behavior and guides, furthermore should speak affluent, native English and be eager to show their country.

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