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China Highlights received a series of travel photos from one of our customers: Daniel Toma, who has just finished his Beijing tour, mainly covering attractions of the Palace Museum (namely the Forbbiden City), Temple of Heaven, Mutianyu Great Wall, Huairou Cloisonné Factory, Yonghe Lama Temple, the Summer Palace and Beijing Olympic Green. The right interesting photo on the Great Wall is sent by Daniel. Daniel is really enjoy the tour and is quite satisfied with the services of China Highlights and his tour guide. He said “this tour is really exceeded expectation”!

Daniel Toma’s tour was arranged by Sophie Luo, a circumspective and enthusiastic travel advisor from China Highlights. According to Sophie, after she knew Daniel has lived in Suzhou, China for several months, she determined to arrange some historical attractions, which are also the most famous attractions in Beijing. The fact turned out that what Sophie done has met Daniel’s demand. Daniel said his best impression is to the Great Wall, “such a monumental construction”. Use our community to share your memorable tours.

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According to Daniel’s e-mail, he was also quite satisfied with his tour guide in Beijing, Ms. Zhang Li, for her rich work experience and considerate services. In fact, China Highlights pays a great attention on the choice of local travel agencies, most of which are top ones in the localities. These local travel agencies always have good tour guides, high-caliber service and rich tourist routes, and many of them hold trainings for their tour guides centering the receptions for China Highlights’ tourist groups, based on China Highlights’ Service Agreement (agreement focusing on achieving more customer satisfaction), every year. We believe that more and more friends will have a memorable tour in China with China Highlights and our partners in future.

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