China Highlights’ Local Travel Agency in Beijing to Hold Trainings for Guides

Updated: December 7, 2010 | Clicks: 2069

Beijing Refendo International Tours CO., LTD, one local travel agency of China Highlights in Beijing, will hold trainings on December 10, based on China Highlights’ detailed rules and regulations for receptions of China Highlights’ tourist groups. Besides, the trainings also cover the learning of tourist cities. All these are very helpful to improve the standard of China Highlights’ service. Early on November 8, 2010, Beijing Refendo International Tours CO., LTD held a summing-up meeting focusing on the receptions for China Highlights’ tourist groups.

China Highlights pays a lot of attentions on the cooperation with local agents, aiming to provide more satisfactory services to customers. Meanwhile, China Highlights also takes many measures to improve the quality of China Highlights’ services and ensure tourists’ enjoyments in China with China Highlights. Such as: China Highlights chooses local travel agency very selectively, and most of them are top ones in the localities for their good guides, high-caliber service and rich tourist routes; every year, China Highlights holds a Suppliers Quality Control Conference to control the service quality of the local agents and tour guides who directly serve our clients, by praising good suppliers, dropping suppliers with below par service, and discussing and explaining new service standard; China Highlights has launched ‘mystery shopper program’ (a program tests the quality of the service of suppliers, guides and drivers) to do the investigation, so as to meet the customers’ demands and provide more satisfactory services; China Highlights has made a Service Agreement (an agreement focusing on achieving more customer satisfaction) with all of our partners in March, 2009.

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