China Highlights Held Annual Lucky Draw for 2009

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The annual lucky draw for 2009 was held in China Highlights office on December 18. The lucky draw is a way of expressing our gratitude to our customers, who have given us trust and support by booking tours with us, and have helped us improve our services by completing our evaluation form over the past year.

16 lucky winners were picked out randomly by our computer system, with the top winner getting up to USD 500. Newsletters will be sent by email immediately to the winners, and we are expecting your prompt response with detailed contact information so that the cash prize can be delivered to you as soon as possible.

Travel with China Highlights now and you also have chance to be the winner of next year!

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Let's watch the live video of China Highlights Annual Lucky Draw 2009

The following are the lucky winners:

Prize Winners Nationality Tracking Code
1st Prize Karen United States VZ90714017
2nd Prize MARIA DE OLIVEIRA Portugal W90713053
2nd Prize Maurice France L90814012
3rd Prize Ami Hoang Trang Canada U90604027
3rd Prize Rose Italy N90731021
3rd Prize Mark Stephen United States U90910040
4th Prize Benvir Singh United Kingdom N90617007
4th Prize Christoph Georg Germany X90730039
4th Prize Rudy Indonesia DJX91015008
4th Prize (Ikami) Japan JP09060403
4th Prize Shaina United States CA90415035
4th Prize Johann Jakob Josef Germany K81107020
4th Prize (Hagiwara) Japan JP09050110
4th Prize Hieu Bieu France JE90703016
4th Prize ISABELLE France MR90524005
4th Prize Grégory Belgium MR90522009

Live Video of China Highlights Annual Lucky Draw 2009

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