China Highlights’ New Year Celebration 2011

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China Highlights celebrated the New Year of 2011 at Guilin Baiyue Hotel last Friday, January 21, 2011. The celebration lasted for six hours, consisting of a keynote speech, award presentation, watching a video recording the development of China Highlights, entertainment programs and a banquet.

The celebration started with a keynote speech given by Victor Shu, the director of China Highlights. He gave us a summarization of China Highlights’ achievement in brief over the past 2010, and also expressed the expectation for 2011.

The year of 2010 was a bumper year to China Highlights. The website of China Highlights became safer and more reliable by implementing the website certification services of McAfee and TRUSTe, China Highlights’ trademark was successfully registered in the USA, the construction of China Highlights website in Russian was launched, and the revision of China Highlights website in Spanish was also started, to name just a few of the happy events. During following year, China Highlights will stick to providing customers with higher-quality and more satisfactory services.

Following are some photos of the celebration.

Victor Is Giving a Speech
Victor Shu is giving a speech.

Award Presentation
Award Presentation

An Interesting Game
An interesting game: transporting the water in the cup by mouth

A Cute Dacing
A cute dacing with green Chinese onions in the hands

A Funny Drama Show
A funny drama show by English Sales Department

A Dance Drama
A dance drama

A Fashion Show
A fashion show (All the fashionable dresses are designed by our web designer, Yvonne Yao. She made these dresses with several pieces of cloth and some safety pins but not sewing.)

Happy New Year
Happy New Year!

Family members of China Highlights’ staff were also invited to the dinner party, and China Highlights gave out gifts to them to express the gratitude for their supports. The dinner party ended at about eight in the evening. The whole celebration was full of great enjoyment and harmony, and China Highlights’ staff members felt closer to each other. Waving goodbye to 2010, we are confident to embrace the new year of 2011. China Highlights wish everyone a fruitful 2011!

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