China Highlights' Winter Sports Meeting 2011

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China Highlights’ fun-filled winter sports meeting 2011 was concluded satisfactorily, marked by the ‘full stop’ of badminton elimination matches on this Tuesday, December 13, 2011. All the members had fun and got closer with each other, which made China Highlights a more passionate and united team. The right photo shows the moment when Tony skipping the role.

China Highlights’ Winter Sports Meeting 2011 consisted of two parts, one was the main part held in the open air of Yunwu Mountain Villa (云雾山庄, being about one-hour drive from Guilin’s urban area) on December 3, covering the major activities, and another is the badminton elimination match in a stadium of Guilin’s urban area on this Tuesday.

The part one of China Highlights’ Winter Sports Meeting not only included traditional sports items like rope skipping (both for teams and individuals), kicking shuttlecock, playing sandbag game (like beanbag game), hula hooping, hand wrestling and shuttle running (one need hold a balloon volleyball on the back with his/her partner), but also included several board games, such as Chinese chess, blokus and aeroplane chess, which added more fun to the sports meeting. In addition, the sports meeting has another highlight, a performance of Baduanjing qigong (八段锦, an exercise similar to Taiji), which was brought into China Highlights by Leon Long, the ‘Master Shifu’ of China Highlights.

The part two of China Highlights’ Winter Sports Meeting, badminton elimination matches of mixed doubles brought us a lot of exciting things, and the champion mixed-double team was made up by Yelik Yin and Ivana Dai.

Below are several photos for the winter sports meeting.

Playing Baduanjin Qigong
The performance of Baduanjin Qigong

Mia Yang is skipping the role
Mia Yang was skipping the role.

Berta, John, and Bai Huanan were playing aeroplane chess.

Playing Blokus
Sunny, Tina and Carol were playing blokus.

Chiampion Team of Badminton Match
The badminton champion team members: Ivana and Yelik

China Highlights Staff
China Highlights' Winter Sports Meeting 2011

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