China Highlights Held Team-Building Training

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China Highlights held team-building training for all the staff members last Saturday at the riverbank near Daxu Ancient Town, which is about one-hour drive from Guilin urban area. All the participants learned a lot when playing these arousing and meaningful team-building games, which made us a united team with more smooth communication, more active thinking and more powerful cohesion. The right photo shows the scene of playing the game of the Tower of Hanoi.

We set out at 08:00 in the sunny morning. After we arrived at the riverbank, China Highlights staff members were grouped into 5 small teams, and the games carried out by teams. First of all, all of these 5 teams should create their own team names, flags, slogans and songs and vote their leaders during limited period of time, and then began our energetic team-building games. During the morning, we played two team-building games: Passing the Minefield and the Tower of Hanoi, which particular emphasized on thinking and creative decision. The only game played in the afternoon required all the elements of teamwork: communication, goal-setting, planning, cooperation, creativity, task orientation, etc., and each team acted as a manufacturer and produced the fictitious products designed by coaches.

Via the team-building training, China Highlights provides us with a channel to guide us to be successful roles in family, company and society, an opportunity to be more familiar with each others, and a platform to strengthen the collective cohesion and solidarity. After this team-building training, the united and considerate team of China Highlights is more confident to offer more satisfactory services to our customers with sincerer and more effective communication.

Team Leaders and Flags of 5 Teams, China Highlighs Team Building
Leaders and the flags of 5 teams

Crossing the Minefield, China Highlighs Team Building
The game of Crossing the Minefield

Making Goal and Plan, China Highlighs Team Building
Making a goal and a planning for the afternoon game

sharing our gains and learning our lesson, China Highlighs Team Building
We were sharing our gains and learning our lesson.

 China Highlighs Team Building
China Highlights, a big energetic and sunshine team, is ready for helping you design your own tour to China.

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