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On Nov 19th, China Highlights held a "Wow Factors Competition" Award Ceremony to celebrate our travel advisors and tour guides who had done well in providing high quality services for our customers.

This competition was designed to praise those who have wonderfully complied the visions of China Highlights, which are:

  1. We want to help tourists from all over the world to customize an easier trip to China.
  2. We want to help our customers obtain a unique China tour, to discover the essence of Chinese culture.
  3. We will strive to develop new and innovative travel products through our in-depth knowledge of China’s history, folk custom and life styles of Chinese people.
  4. We will offer warm, caring and thoughtful services to ensure our customers to have an enjoyable China trip. China Highlights wants to enhance the close connection between China and the world.

For over the past three months, our travel advisors and tour guides have been working hard on discovering better services to wow our customers, which has already received good comments from our customers and other travel agencies. This award ceremony was to encourage them and help all the staff members of China Highlights better absorb the in-depth spirit of wowing our customers.

The following pictures present you the prize winners in the competition.

China Highlights Wow Experience
Duan Long, a China Highlights tour guide who won the the "Wow Experience Maker" Prize

China Highlights Wow Experience
Eva, who are always thoughtful to her customers, won the first prize

China Highlights Wow Experience
Candy, who once sang a birthday song to her customer, won the second prize

China Highlights Wow Experience
Sunny, a lovely girl, who insists that serving a customer should be whole-heartedly, won the third prize.

China Highlights Wow Experience
Lissy, the german market travel advisor, is always thinking creatively, won the special prize of "Creative Wow Experience Maker"

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