China Highlights Celebrates Christmas in Advance

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China Highlights celebrated Christmas for this year in advance, right after China Highlights’ annual lucky draw 2011 in this morning, December 16, 2011. During this celebration, all the China Highlights’ staff members enjoyed themselves with the Christmas atmosphere, exchanging gift, tasting snacks. Though Christmas is not a Chinese public holiday, we also share the happiness brought by Christmas.

Each participant of the Christmas celebration was announced to prepare a Christmas stocking (or a pretty bag) for placing the business card. At the celebration, people who placed his or her business card into a stocking would present his or her gift to the owner of the stocking.

Below are several photos recording the Christmas celebration.

Christmas Stocking
These festival stockings and bags were hung on the wall.

Christmas Celebration
Every participant intended the Christmas celebration with a gift.

Christmas Father
Brian was pleasantly surprized with the gift of China Highlights' Christmas Father.

Playing Blokus
Special Chinese snack: Tang Hulu, sugarcoated haws or strawberries on a stick

Merry Christmas
Everyone was smiling happily with the Christmas gift.

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