China Highlights Customer Recovers Lost Wallet

Updated: December 12, 2012 | Clicks: 953

On October 26th, 2012, a customer of China Highlights lost his wallet with his passport in it during a trip to the Yellow Mountains.  

A Chinese tourist found the wallet, and then made contact with our tour guide, via a business card in the wallet. As a result the customer got his lost things back from the tour guide, and was very grateful. Always carry a business card from your hotel or guide. It can be very useful!Customers should always take good care of important personal possessions, as this is not the usual outcome of a lost wallet in China. This said, most Chinese people are honest and very friendly and willing to help tourists from all over the world.

We at China Highlights also try our best to solve any difficulties during our our clients' tours of China. Our travel advisors provide a 24/7 contact number for use during your tour.

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