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On March 10, 2010, China Highlights held "Contract Knowledge Competition 2010" to enhance our travel advisors' knowledge of the contract binding China Highlights and our local agents, and hence to better serve our customers.

The contract, “China Highlights' Local Agent Service Quality Standards”, lists all the procedures and requirements that China Highlights' local agents must comply with when receiving China Highlights' customers. It includes many courtesy items that are designed to provide high-level service and a comfortable travel experience for our customers, such as "Dessert fruits and two soft drinks should be provided with every meal", "Customers can order dishes they prefer with the help of a tour guide", and "Drivers should not smoke or use a mobile phone when driving China Highlights' customers".

All the participants did a great job, and remembered all the requirements clearly. It is believed that after this competition, China Highlights' travel advisors will have a clear basis for communication with our local agents on how to deliver the service that China Highlights' requires.

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