China Highlights Visited the House of Love in January 2010

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Sixteen members of staff at China Highlights recently visited the House of Love, which is a charity unit that provides free care and training for orphans with cerebral palsy. We are very happy to see how our support has been making a real change to the orphans' lives as well as the local community.

We arrived with a cash donation as well as other gifts, such as books, quilts, clothes, fruits and a baby-walker. But more importantly, we arrived with a loving heart that connected us with the children at the House of Love.

Mr. Brian Trower gave us a brief update on the House of Love and how the children have been making progress. He is an expatriate Australian who has been living and working in Guilin for the past 7 years, and also the Vice President (Finance) of Helping Hands.

We also had the opportunity to see the babies and children in the Cerebral Palsy Unit, the Special Care Babies Unit and the Clubfoot Unit. After that, China Highlights staff had a wonderful time playing and interacting with the children, who had already become friends with us.

China Highlights gives a helping hand by being a constant contributor and the largest donor to the House of Love. As a socially responsible company, we also donate part of our company profit to local charities each year.

China Highlights is giving 10 yuan to Helping Hands for every person who travels with us this year! Click here for more on China Highlights Gives a Helping Hand

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