China Highlights visited the House of Love in May 2010

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As the Children’s Day drawing near, China Highlights was invited to watch children’s performance at the House of Love last week.

At the performance, children told stories, read poems and sang songs. It is not easy for them to study and play as other children due to physical challenges they face, but they are very optimistic and studious.

Audience Enjoying Performances
Enjoying Performances with Children

We were very happy to see these children make progress in their study and life. After the performance, we also had the opportunity to look around the House of Love with the company of Kirsten, the administrator of the House of Love, and Connie, the assistant administrator.

Children's Drawings
Children's Drawings

House of Love is a non-governmental, non-profit charity that provides fulltime care for orphans with cerebral palsy. Children receive physical therapy, and the Charity employs 2 teachers for them.

China Highlights gives a helping hand by being a constant contributor and the largest donor to the House of Love. As a socially responsible company, we also donate part of our company profit to local charities each year.

China Highlights is giving 10 yuan to Helping Hands for every person who travels with us this year. Click here for more on China Highlights Gives a Helping Hand

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