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Dear Customers of China Highlights,

On October 20th, 2009, China Highlights launched a brand new version. In order to provide you a better online travel research and booking experience, we have updated our website to make it easier for you to search for China travel information and make your reservations from

After months of hard work, we now present to you the sixth version of

On one hand, this new version follows the essence of the previous one, with the visual identity elements of Chinese red, and the format for displaying our information and products.

On the other hand, Version 6 features a new and more advanced server, which enables quicker site access. Besides, there are the following innovations:

  • A clean and more professional look that fits with our market. We have regulated the format of our web pages, and made use of bigger and more vivid pictures to display the fantastic landscapes and cultures of China, together with the life styles of Chinese people.
  • Better customer experience. We have optimized our way of displaying information on booking tours, cruises, flights and hotels, as well as the booking procedure.
  • Lots of optimized or new functions are available, including Money Converter, Site Search, Google Maps and Weather Forecasts.
  • Perhaps most notably, our system of rating and comments allows our previous customers to evaluate their China tours, so our information is more accurate and practical, since all the comments and ratings are from previous customers of China Highlights.

One of the elements of our vision is: Customized China Tours with Ease of Planning. This updated version of China Highlights has improved this part of our service, and now we are eagerly waiting for you to try it out and reap the benefits.

To celebrate the launch of the new, we have a promotion. Before November 19, 2009, on your confirmation of a China tour booked from China Highlights, you will receive two nights worth of hotel upgrades for free, as well as a beautiful desk calendar. Check it out

Browse the new website from the Brand-new Homepage Now!

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