China Highlights' New Year Celebration 2010

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Staff members of China Highlights celebrated the New Year of 2010 at Universal Hotel on January 30, 2010. The celebration lasted for six hours, including a keynote speech, followed by award presentation, entertainment programs, and a banquet.

The event commenced with a keynote speech by Victor Shu, the manager of China Highlights. He gave us a brief summarization of China Highlights’ achievement over the past year as well as expectations for 2010.

The year of 2009 was a tough time due to the global financial crisis. However, China Highlights’ staff welcomed the challenge with diligence, enthusiasm and professionalism. In 2009, great progress was made in customer service and after-sales service, China Highlights launched the sixth version of its website, and Japanese sales department successfully arranged a mountaineering tour to Gangshika Snow Peak, to name just a few of the happy events.

Victor giving speech
Victor is giving a speech.

After the speech, awards were presented to those who had done an excellent job in the past year.

Award Presentation
Award Presentation

The entertainment programs were the funniest part. Each department at China Highlights did their best to get everyone amused.

Hot Dance by English Sales Department
Hot Dance by English Sales Department

Instrumental and Singing Performance by Shen at Technical Team
Instrumental and Singing Performance by Shen of the Technical Team

Victor, Gavin and Brian are singing hymns
Victor, Gavin and Brian were singing hymns

Thoursand-hand-Buddha Performance by Technical Team
Thousand-hand-Buddha performance by the Technical Team

The celebration concluded with a banquet dinner. Everybody raised the glass and expressed best wishes to each other and to China Highlights.

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

Bottoms up!
Bottoms up!

Family members of China Highlights’ staff were also invited to the celebration. China Highlights gave out gifts to them as an expression of gratitude for their support.

Gifts! What's in this envelope?

The banquet dinner ended at about eight in the evening. Every minute was passed in joy and harmony. China Highlights staff feel closer to each other in this warm community, and we are confident to embrace the year of 2010. In waving goodbye to 2009, China Highlights wish everyone a prosperous 2010!

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