Team Building Pushes Us Forward

Updated: January 29, 2007 | Clicks: 2470

What makes China Highlights stand out? What magical power motivates us to be one of China's leading online travel services?

"It's our teamwork.!"

To improve the cooperation and communication between the old team members and integrate newbies better into the company China Highlights put all of its staff through a 2 days teambuilding training in the Guilin National Forest Park last weekend.

According to our Manager Victor, "The event is held to help our members to develop their capacity to work effectively together" Victor, himself took part in the activities.

The two-day event included engaging, initiative teamwork games, adventure racing-mountain climbing/navigation and some interesting motivating performances. A combination of thinking, imagination, communication, cooperation and action, the aim of all the activities is to help to build team spirit.

"Our company has grown significantly recently, and it's the effectively teamwork that push us forward. We have been able to maintain and reinforce our sense of teamwork", said Victor as he was asked to summarize the team's exercises.

"Team Building and similar events and its lasting impacts are major parts of our success" added Victor.

China Highlights team training is an annual event. Every year a new topics and tasks are chosen.

Some Photos from the event:

ready for a task

A group is ready for their task

Mountian climbing

Adventure racing-mountain climbing/navigation

short time break

A short time break after successfully completed a task

Sharing exeperience

A discussion about the activities afterward

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