China Highlights Finished Balloon Volleyball Match

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China Highlights finished its semi-annually balloon volleyball match last week, with 4 teams participated in the event.

Team D lead by Michael won the first place, Team C lead by Steven won the second place, while Team A and Team B lead by Natasha and Mercier respectively won the third and the fourth place.

The teams all competed against each other, and the match ended with simple trophy presentation and a celebration dinner.

China Highlights has made the balloon volleyball match a semi-annual event, with an aim to build up teamwork within the group and encourage its staff to work out after work.

The Winner - Team D
The winner team D: (left to right) David, Edie, Carol, Tony, Cyou Hin, Sabrina and Michael.

The Runner-UP - Team C
The runner-up team C: (left to right) Kim, Sam, Victor, Pang Chunfeng, Steven, Mike and Ivana.

The Second Runner-UP - Team A
The second runner-up team A: (left to right) Grace, Kevin, Mia, Max, Natasha, Yin Chengcheng and Chen Jian.

The Third Runner-UP - Team B
The third runner-up team B: (left to right) Luffy, Xiao Wenqing, Mercier, Günter, Nathalie and Delia.

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