Beijing Celebrating Red Leaves Festival

Updated: October 18, 2005 | Clicks: 1711

Beijing celebrated the grand opening of its Red Leave Festival in Fragrant Hills Park on the 14th of this month. The annual event of the Red Leave Festival is held in golden autumn, when the entire mountain is blanketed with fiery red leaves. The event this year will last for 24 days and end on the 6th of November.

A number of activities are arranged for the festival, including display of the ‘four treasures of study’ (writing brush, ink, ink stone and paper), performance of tea-making, ancient costume show and photograph competition, and etc. Large numbers of visitors flock to the park to feast their eyes on this magnificent scenery as well as take part in those interesting activities. Those who come can also treat their mouths with snacks just outside the park. The street there is filled with shack stands serving delicious food to the visitors.

To help visitors get the best view of the red leaves, many red leaves-viewed venues are selected this year.

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