An In-Depth Tour to Tibetan Area

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China Highlights received rich tourist feedbacks from Maya and Rolf, who finished their in-depth tour to a Tibetan area: Yushu, a Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province, August, 2011. This is the first tour group to Yushu since Yushu’s earthquakes in 2010 (check out the news). The right photo is the tents standing under the picturesque sky silently, offered by Maya and Rolf.

During the 3-day tour in Yushu this year, Maya and Rolf have visited several temples, Tongtian River (altitude for riverbed is over 3,000 meters or 9,843 feet) and Princess Wencheng Temple, and have taken part in a Tibetan-style wedding. Following to their tour in Yushu, we still could see some ruins caused by the earthquakes in 2010 and some localsstill living in tents, and we got know that the roads to some scenic spotsmight be muddy after rains and due to the political situation, tourists might be questioned by government’s guards. Hence, the tourism in Yushu has not restored yet.

In fact, this is the second time for Maya and Rolf‘s traveling in China with China Highlights since last year. Thanks to Maya and Rolf’s sharing, what you shared brings us a lot of useful information on arranging tours for more tourists.

Yushu TourOur kind-hearted Maya and Rolf celebrated their wedding anniversary on the tour, this photo was taken on that day.

However, if tourists are interested indiscovering Tibetan areas, western Sichuan Province is highly recommended besides Tibet. There are two Tibetan Areas in western Sichuan: Aba Tibetan and QiangAutonomous Prefecture (the most famous attraction: Jiuzhaigou Valley)and Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture (top two tourist attrctions: Datongma Prairie and Hailuogou Scenic Spot). You can contact us to design a tour to explore more highlights in more available Tibetan areas.

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