China Highlights Held Annual Lucky Draw 2011

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The annual lucky draw 2011 was held in China Highlights conference hall this morning, December 16, 2011. Sixteen winners were announced after a stirring lucky draw at random. Of the four awards, the top winner will get 500 dollars, following are 300 dollars for the second prize winners, 100 dollars for the third prize winners and 50 dollars for the fourth prize winners.

The lucky draw is a way of expressing our gratitude to our customers, who have given us trust and supports by booking tours with us, and have helped us improve our services by completing our evaluation form over the past year. Newsletters will be immediately sent to these 16 winners by email, and China Highlights is expecting winners’ prompt response with detailed contact information so that the cash prize can be delivered to them as soon as possible.

Travel with China Highlights now and get the chance to be a winner in next year!

The Lucky Winners

Prize Name Nationality Tracking code
1 Madelyn Jean United States DE110331047
2 Linda Sue United States SI110222056
2 Ruediger Germany K110118013
3 Evelyne France JE110108052
3 小竹延和 Japan JP11052906
3 JOSE MANUEL Spain I110531006
4 Nicholas John Australia SI100824027
4 Martin Germany X110616060
4 Philipp Noel Australia F101018033
4 鎗田 未明 Japan SHX110511045
4 Christine United States Y110307029
4 Louis-Andre France PJN110816080
4 Kim Louise United States YZ110505030
4 Robyn Hilary New Zealand CLY110106024
4 Budhi Sentoso Indonesia T110608040
4 Kathleen Kay United States U110122016

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