Beijing Baiwangshan Red Leaves Festival 2013 Open

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Beijing Baiwangshan Red Leaves Festival 2013 opened on October 11th. It will run until November 15th in Beijing Baiwangshan Forest Park, about three kilometers from the Summer Palace.

Baiwangshan Forest Park is one of the best places to see fall foliage in Beijing, alongside Fragrant Hills Park, Badaling Forest Park, and Hongluo Temple. Travelers can appreciate and take photos of beautiful fall foliage of various species of trees, especially maples.

  • Open: 9am–7pm
  • Ticket price: 6 yuan
  • Buses: Yuntong 112 (运通112), 330, 518, 633, 697, 718, 752, 909, Te 4 (特4) or Te 6 (特6) to Baiwangshan (百望山).

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