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New Yellow Mountains Monorail to Improve West Sea Grand Canyon Access from July 9th

Updated: July 5, 2013 | Clicks: 1731

The Yellow Mountains' West Sea Grand Canyon sight-seeing monorail will be put into operation on July 9th, 2013. Currently, the first monorail in Huangshan Scenic Area is undergoing final testing ready for its formal opening.

The West Sea Grand Canyon Sight-Seeing Monorail

With a capacity of 60+1 persons, the monorail will run between the southwest approach to the West Sea (西海 Xihai /sshee-high/) Grand Canyon and the main peak area, about 300 meters from Baiyun Hotel. The 893 meters will take less than five minutes at the highest speed of 8 m/s, carrying 800 people per hour. The fare will be 80 yuan.

The sight-seeing monorail is manufactured by Austrian Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH, a leading cable car manufacturer. With an advanced design, the monorail is safe and comfortable, and its “panoramic sunroof” grants tourists full views of the stunning natural scenery.

Touring Xihai Grand Canyon Becomes Easier

Xihai Grand Canyon, also called "the Magic Scenic Area", is renowned for its mysterious landscape with flowing clouds, steep mountains, ancient pine trees, and unique rock formations. It is one of the most beautiful areas of Huangshan, and hiking in Xihai Grand Canyon has become very popular.

In the past, it could take around five hours for tourists to finish the whole Xihai circuit. The monorail will make the Xihai Grand Canyon trek easier in the future, cutting out about an hour's ascent/descent.

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