Century Emerald Finished Its Maiden Voyage

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The luxury Century Emerald Cruise Ship has finished its maiden voyage on September 9. Since then, there has been one more five-star deluxe cruise ship on the Yangtze River.

With a capacity of 264 passengers, the Century Emerald continues the classical quality of its twin-boat, Century Diamond. The hull is decorated by crystal and glass decoration. The Century Emerald is 110 meters long, 17 meters wide and 22.5 high, and equipped with 2 presidential suites, 14 luxury suites and 112 luxury standard rooms.

The Century Emerald have four light spots: the noise suppression (the Century Emerald is the cruise with the minimum noise on the Yangtze River); the chomview restaurant on the 2nd floor with 270° visual field; the barbecue sited on the deck of the 6th floor; and the massage bathtub in the presidential suites.

What’s more, the Century Emerald offers Chinese and western buffet for breakfast and lunch, while Chinese food is the main food for supper with the main cuisines are Cantonese Cuisine and Chuan Cuisine.

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