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Chongqing Is 72-Hour VISA FREE!

Updated: November 19, 2013 | Clicks: 958

The State Council approved Chongqing's 72-hour visa-free policy on October 16, 2013. Chongqing Municipality started operating the new policy at the beginning of this month (November 2013), becoming the fifth mainland city in China, following Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu, to allow travelers from 45 countries to stay for up to 72 hours without a visa on direct transit via Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport. (See 72-Hour Visa-Free Travel in Beijing and 72-Hour Visa-Free Travel in Shanghai.)

The 45 countries are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, the United States, Australia, Brunei, New Zealand, Qatar, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates.

Requirements: Travelers should hold a valid visa for a third destination country or region (i.e. Hong Kong, Taiwan or Macau), and an air ticket with confirmed dates and seats on a flight for that country or region departing within 72 hours of arrival in Chongqing.

Directs flights connect Chongqing with many major cities in Asia, including Bangkok, Phuket Island, Hanoi, Siem Reap, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, Nagoya, and Dhaka, and some European cities like Dusseldorf and Munich.

Touring Chongqing with China Highlights

Chongqing is the largest municipality in China, located in central China, with a significant history and culture. There are numerous attractions in Chongqing including Ciqikou Old Town, the Dazu Grottoes, Wulong Karst Region, Fengdu Ghost City, White Emperor City, the Lesser Three Gorges, Three Gorges Museum, and Shibaozhai.

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