Deluxe Five-star Sightseeing Train to Tibet

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The Qinghai-Tibet Railway will be put into trial operation on July 1. According to Ma Jiantang, deputy governor of Qinghai Province, five-star sight-seeing trains will run on the railway, with the fare reaching US$1,000 per day. Such trains will mainly open to overseas tourists according to the current plan.

Ma said on May 16 that details about the operation of these trains are under discussion at present. After the Qinghai-Tibet Railway formally opens to traffic for a period, these trains will begin operation.

Every sight-seeing train only carries 100 tourists and each bed will cost about US$1,000 per day. Rail Partners Inc., investor of these trains, will jointly run them with Qinghai-Tibet Railway Company. Rail Partners Inc. will purchase 50 such sight-seeing trains with a total price tag of more than 700 million RMB (US$87.5 million).

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