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Fujian-Taiwan Rural Tourism — New This Year

Updated: April 11, 2013 | Clicks: 1065

Recently, Fujian Province has launched a number of measures to deepen rural tourism cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan. This year Fujian and Taiwan's tourism industries will work together to create rural tourism demonstration attractions by introducing Taiwan rural tourism.

Rural Tourism Cooperation

Rural tourism cooperation between the two regions (which have the Hakka people in common) will be developed from personal exchanges to a new stage of wider interaction and common progress.

The Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau (FPTB) has announced that two or three Fujian rural attractions with distinctive theme, outstanding characteristics, convenient traffic, full facilities, and good demonstration effect, will be chosen as rural tourism demonstration bases. Development of these sites will be specifically guided by Taiwan Rural Tourism Association (台湾乡村旅游协会).

In order to create more competitive rural tourism products, Fujian will introduce advanced rural tourism project planning, product development, marketing and business philosophy from Taiwan.

Fujian Attractions and Tours

Fujian province is located in southeast China, and has a rich history, famous historical sites, beautiful natural landscapes, and extraordinary Hakka houses. Remarkable attractions in Fujian include: Three Lanes and Seven Alleys (三坊七巷), Mount Wuyi (武夷山), Fujian Tulou (Hakka Houses), Gulangyu Island (鼓浪屿), Meizhou Island (湄洲岛), Mount Taimu (太姥山), and Taining National Geopark(泰宁世界地质公园).

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