China Highlights Latest Travel News

Kunming to Be 3-Day VISA-FREE!
July 23, 2014
Kunming has got approval to launch its 72-hour visa-free transit policy. It is the 10th city to implement this more
ID-Based Train Ticket System Launched for Spring Festival Period February 10, 2014

The Chinese government has launched ID-based train ticket sales system from January 30 till March 10, which is the Spring Festival period, the peak travel season in China. The new system prescribes that passengers have to present their valid certificates of identity to make ticket purchase and get onboard.

Ten Panda Cubs on Exhibit for Shanghai World Expo February 10, 2014

Ten giant panda cubs, selected from the Chinese Giant Panda Protection and Research Center of Sichuan Province, were transported to Shanghai for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

World Chocolate Wonderland Theme Park to Open in Beijing on January 29 February 10, 2014

The World Chocolate Wonderland Theme Park in Beijing will begin accepting customers on January 29th, 2010. It is meant to provide a visual feast for tourists from all over the world. In the theme park, tourists will be able to see the lifelike chocolate-made miniature of many famous China attractions, such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses.

China to Observe the Longest Annular Solar Eclipse on January 15 February 10, 2014

According to astronomers, the annular solar eclipse is calculated to be the longest one in the next one thousand years, as an eclipse lasting longer than this one won’t occur until 3043. Astronomers said in a statement that the maximum duration for the annular solar eclipse will be 11 minutes and 8 seconds, beginning at 07:06:33 UT over the Indian Ocean.

China Marine Silk Road Museum Opened Its Veil in Guangdong February 10, 2014

The highlight of the museum is a large pool at an exhibition hall called "Crystal Palace", which is used to keep the Naihan 1 merchant ship, in order to better preserve precious artifacts of the Song Dynasty, such as porcelains, copper coins and gold containers, which have been soaked in the sea for a thousand years.

Bird's Nest Snow Festival to Be Held in Beijing from December 19 February 10, 2014

The Bird's Nest will host a snow festival from December 19th to February 20th, 2010. The event will last for over two months. A large indoor skiing center is under construction in the Bird’s Nest, which will become the largest indoor skiing center in Beijing after its completion. There will be a lot of exciting activities on offer, including skiing, snowboarding. An artificial ice mountain will be made and serve as a stage for performances.

Yangshuo to Host Li River Fishing Light Festival 2009 December 8, 2009

From Dec. 10th to the 18th, the small town of Yangshuo, 67 kilometers away from Guilin, will host the 11th Li River Fishing Light Festival. The event will provide a grand occasion for tourists from all over the world to appreciate the fantastic landscape of the Li River being covered with enthralling fishing lamps.

Alshan China International Ice and Snow Festival 2009 to Kick Off on December 18th February 10, 2014

On December 18th, the Alshan China International Ice and Snow Festival will open its veil to the public. With the theme of "Passionate Winter, Ice and Snow Carnival, Dynamic Alshan", the festival will last till June 12th, 2010.

Hulunbuir Ice and Snow Naadam Fair to Kick off on December 8th February 17, 2013

On December 8th, the Hulunbuir Ice and Snow Naadam Fair, together with the Inner Mongolia Ice and Snow Tourist Festival will kick off in the city of Hulunbuir. The festival will last for two months, and now almost all the preparation works have been done.

The Seventh Hong Kong Winter Food and Shopping Festival to Kick Off on Christmas Eve, 2009 February 10, 2014

The Seventh Hong Kong Winter Food and Shopping Festival is from November 24 to 27 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Highly praised for being the largest and most popular fair of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Winter Food and Shopping Festival is a gourmet lovers and shoppers’ paradise. The hosts have added many new things to this year’s festival which will make the festival more interesting and enjoyable.