Lhasa Shoton Festival Approaches

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Lhasa Shoton Festival 2011 is scheduled to start on August 29 (Monday), lasting 7 days to September 4 (Sunday). Being inscribed on the list of China Intangible Cultural Heritage in May 2006, the annual traditional Shoton Festival is the second most important festival only ranking after the Tibetan New Year, which will be celebrated on February 22, 2012. The right photo from XInhuanet is for the travelers in Tibetan costumes in Norbulingka.

Shoton Festival means “yoghurt banquet” in Tibetan Language. Hence the festival is also called Yoghurt Festival. Shoton Festival, originating in the 11th century and originally a religious activity for pilgrims to serve yogurt to monks and nuns who finished their summer retreat, had gradually become a folk event by mid-17th century. Clink here to watch the video of Shoton Festival 2010.

The theme of Lhasa Shoton Festival this year is “happy Lhasa, colorful Shoton”. During the festival period, many celebrations will be held, such as: the most important attraction: Buddha Tangka painting (a 500-square-meter Buddha Tangka painting) unfolding ceremonies on the mountainside which is situated at the back of Drepung Monastery, Tibetan operas, horse-riding stunt, horse racing, yak racing, Tibetan tug of war, Tibetan dancing, photography art exhibition and visiting Norbulingka.

Tibet is always much more popular in August for nice weather and colorful folk festivals, and Shoton Festival is followed by several traditional Tibetan festivals, including Wangguo Festival and Horse Racing Festival (Clink here to browse Tibetan festival date). China Highlights advises travelers confirm the Tibet traveling plan as far in advance as possible, in case of getting no suitable hotel, train ticket or flight ticket . China Highlights offers a great number of well-designed Tibetan tours and Lhasa tours and the service of designing a tailor-making tour in Tibet.

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