Longsheng Terraced Fields Culture Festival

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The first Longsheng Terraced Fields Culture Festival kicked off on 17, Sep. A variety of activities featuring the colorful local culture and amazing scenery have been arranged. These include folk songs, dancing show, Long-hair-show. This festival will continue for a period of one month to the middle October when autumn harvest will be finished.

Tourists and photographers flocked to the area to enjoy this grand occasion.

About 115 km from the popular tourist city Guilin, Longsheng is a small town, well known for unique natural scenery and the diverse minority culture around the area. The majestic Longji (Dragon Bone) Terraced Fields built along the slope winding from the riverside up to the mountain top has intoxicated thousands of visitors over the years. The local ethnic culture features the pole dancing of the Zhuang, the Harmony folk songs of the Dong, the Reed-pipe Dancing, and the Long Drum Dancing of the Yao.

To farmers, fall is a sweet while strenuous season. The Chinese farmers in the mountainous areas harvest their rice by hand, as they have for centuries.

Tours to Longsheng:

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