Chinese Government Limits Price Markups At Tourist Attractions

Updated: February 12, 2007 | Clicks: 1067

China's State Development and Reform Commission has issued a new circular, requiring all scenic spots to publish their new prices two months in advance if they make adjustments, and they should maintain the new prices for at least three years.

SDRC has also set some limits for the price markup. It says that those tickets whose price is lower than RMB50 will markup no more than 35%. For those between RMB50-100 (not including RMB100), the markup can't be more than 30%. For tickets between RMB100-200 (not including 200), the markup should be no more than 25%. Tickets above RMB200 can't increase by more than 15%.

The new rules also require that parks and museums make their ticket prices as low as they can or even free, especially for those exhibitions which feature patriotic education. Moreover, travel spots which adopt prices recommended by the government are suggested to offer some discounts for senior citizens, active army personnel, children and students.

News Source: China Hospitality News

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