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Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition in Shanghai Now

Updated: February 17, 2013 | Clicks: 2323

The Artifact Exhibition of RMS Titanic will be held in the former Greek Museum in the Shanghai Expo Area from 7th January to 30th April, 2013. More than 300 artifacts worth 3.122 million dollars, from the Titanic will be put on display. It is an itinerant exhibition, organized by the Tanker Titanic Company for the 100th anniversary of ship’s sinking, regarding Shanghai as the first station.

Different from other exhibitions, the Titanic exhibition will bring visitors into the cabins of the RMS Titanic on that day by using different sound and visual effects, listening to the music and visually sensing the happy or scared atmosphere on that day.


Visitors will have a restored view of different cabins in the exhibition, and be surprised by the magnificent first-class cabin and the diversity of people's stories in the ship.

Each visitor will get a simulated ticket for the RMS Titanic in 1912, especially with the passenger’s name on it. There is a name wall of the survivors and victims’ where visitors can find the possessors of their tickets, at the end of the exhibition hall.

The rooms in the first-class cabin seem to be open at all times; it appears as if somebody is still living in the third-class cabin; the café is full of sweet flavors; the big back winding staircase of 8.5 meters-high which represents the luxury of the old 20th century...all those scenes in the classical movie “TITANIC” have been put into a reconstruction according to the proportion of the original scenes in its 100th anniversary exhibition.

In addition to the artifacts that were salvaged, a tangible man-made iceberg, with a surface temperature of minus 2 degrees centigrade, is set in the exhibition hall, bringing visitors personally into the scene and mood when the ship was sinking.

Because of the vivid scene-setting, many visitors sigh with the frailty of human life, and deplore the sinking of such a splendid shipin a single night.


All of the more than 300 artifacts displayed in Shanghai owned by the American Tanker Titanic Company were handpicked from its 5,000 artifacts raised from the sea.

The United States' side has a strict requirement on artifacts’ transportation to unpacking, in addition to the strict control of light and temperature, while demanding the co-organizer’s periodic report of the artifacts at the same time, said the staff from the Chinese side.

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