Skiing in Heilongjiang Province Comes Early

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On November 5th the Great Khingan Yingshanhong Ski Resort opened, earlier than previous years. More than 100 ski enthusiasts came to enjoy nature there with friends and family.

Yingshanhong Ski Resort is located in Heilongjiang Province, the most northern part of China. It is the biggest ski resort with the longest snow fall period, and one of the best places to go skiing in early winter and early spring. Complete ski facilities are available for rent there.

Winter is the golden season for Heilongjiang Province to welcome travelers from all over the world, due to a great wealth of snow tourism there, such as Harbin International Ice & Snow Festival. You can appreciate the stunning snow sculptures made by skilled artists, and have fun in snow activities. Yabuli Ski Resort is one of the most popular ski resorts in Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang Province.

By November 11th this year most areas in Heilongjiang Province have experienced their first snowstorm of the winter. The temperature plummets, bringing heavy snow and extremely cold winds. This is a great natural gift, giving rise to snow sightseeing. China Highlights reminds you to be careful in the freezing weather, and avoid going out during snowstorms.

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