Tibet Is Closed during the Tibetan New Year Period

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Tibetan New Year will be celebrated for 15 days starting on February 22 and going to until March 7, 2012. Today, February 22, is the first day of Tibetan New Year. During Tibetan New Year, Tibetans will hold many celebrative activities. It is unfortunate that Tibet is unavailable for foreign travelers from February 20 to March 31.

Tibetan New Year, known as "Losar", is the most popular festival of the year. Because Tibetans believe in Tibetan Buddhism, the Tibetan New Year is filled with Buddhist atmosphere. Tibetan New Year is based on the Tibetan calendar, and it is celebrated on different days every year if viewed from the Gregorian calendar. Tibetans begin to prepare for the New Year starting in December of of the previous by making New Year snacks and preparing new households.

Generally, July, August, and September are the best times for traveling to Tibet. Nyingchi is famous for its lakes and forests, and the best seasons to travel are in summer (April and May) and autumn (October and November). Even though travel to Tibet is currently not available, you can plan to go there in the coming months. Contact us to have us help you customize your own tour to Tibet.

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