Train Ticket for Tibet Tours Is Short of the Demand

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The train ticket for Tibet tour (both for arriving and departing) is severely short of the demand. Some travelers are even stranded in Xi’ning City, a “door” of entering and exiting Tibet. At the same time, the flight ticket is also in short supply, and flight tickets for some hot air routes are even sold in overhead price. (The right photo is showing the visitors' walking by the side of Namtso.)

Tibet's Tourist Rush Season

Tibet’s tourist rush season for a year has started since July, and will last till October. According to the statistics, the passenger flow volume for entering Tibet has reached 6,000 persons a day since early July this year, and that for present is more than 10,000 persons a day. Hence, it is really difficult to get a train ticket for either arriving Tibet or departing Tibet, and the commission charge of getting a train ticket could be as high as two times of the face value. The tourist cost for traveling to Tibet gets much higher than before, because the short of tourist resources, including transportation and accommodation.

China Highlights' Suggestions

  • Place the bookings and pay for the tour as far in advance as possible, and the recommended means of transportation is by air.
  • Choose other tourist similar destinations to experience the similar scenery and Tibetan customs and culture, such as Qinghai Province (like Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture), southern Gansu Province (like Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture), northwestern Yunnan Province (like Shangri La) and northwestern Sichuan Province (like Aba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture). You can contact us to customize your own China tour.
  • Visit Tibet during its tourist off season: from November to April in the next year.
  • You can check out China Highlights' 6 ways to save money on flight booking.

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