Train Tickets to Be Issued with Identification Soon

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A real-name system will be implemented for the sale of all China train tickets since January 1, 2012 (departure day), aiming to fight against ticket-scalping: a headache for Chinese travelers for a long time. When the real-system is implemented, your identification information will be printed on the left bottom. Hence, China Highlights strongly recommend you to keep your ticket well and thoroughly destroy it after use.

When purchasing a train ticket, a passenger need to show his/her identity document (either the original document or the copy, including ID card, residence booklet, passport and residence permits for foreigners); when taking a train, passengers need to make sure the accordance of ticket and identity document. Passengers can purchase the tickets at most 10 days in advance, which means that passengers need to follow the new policy since December 21, 2011. See more about China trains or check out a train schedule

Below are some notices for purchasing a train tickets.

  • A passenger only can purchase one ticket for a train per railway station or train ticket office per day.
  • Besides railway stations and train ticket offices, passengers can also book a train ticket on online or by phone.
  • Passengers need to bring with them the original document, which correspond to the identity information on the ticket, when taking a train.
  • If one loses the identity document, she/he can go to the ticket lobby to transact a temporary ID identification.
  • If one losses the train ticket, one needs to cancel the lost ticket by unlocking the lost ticket and your identification information, then re-buys the train ticket at the same price.

Spring Festival Travel Peak

Every year, the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) travel peak,would come with Chinese New Year (January 22, 2012 is the Chinese New Year’s Eve), because tens of millions of migrant workers and college students rush home for family reunions and rush back to workplaces or colleges during Chinese New Year period.

The Spring Festival travel peak of 2012 will begin on January, 8, 2012, and last to February 16, 2012. However, there is a short period: January 22–January 25, with much less busier transport than other days in Chinese New Year period.

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