Celebrate the Upcoming Water-Sprinkling Festival

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Water-Sprinkling Festival (similar to Songkran Festival in Thailand) is the most important festiva for the Dai minority: it's their New Year.

This year, the Water-Sprinkling Festival falls on mid-April, lasting from April 13 to April 15.

The first day (April 13) of Water-Sprinkling Festival is similar to the Chinese New Year’s Eve, the second day (April 14) is called Kongri (means the waste day), and the third day (April 15) is the New Year’s Day.

The most interesting element during Water-Sprinkling Festival is water sprinkling on Dai New Year's Day. Water sprinkling is an expression of sending wishes to each other.

On Dai New Year's Day, people will wear their new clothes, gather at the bank of Lancang River or Ruili River, sprinkle or splash water over each other, watch the dragon boat races, and appreciate peacock dances.

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