Yangshuo Climbing Festival 2012 — Nov. 9–11

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The fifth Yangshuo Climbing Festival, the most popular climbing festival in China, is going to be celebrated from November 9th to 11th, 2012.

It is an annual climbing festival held in Yangshuo, with the purpose of promoting the development of rock climbing and building the spirit of community among climbers. Rock climbing communities from throughout the country will get together in Yangshuo's East Street (festival headquarters), and then move out to the competition areas. Each participant will get a T-shirt and other equipment from the sponsors.

Yangshuo is China's number one rock climbing location, not because it has the best rock, but because accessibility, tourist numbers, and its five or so professional climbing trip providers have led to the development of so many routes, and even guide books. Many of Yangshuo's interesting and precarious karst routes are well bolted and climbed, but there are many more that wait their first climb, with a crazy density of near-vertical rock faces around the town.

A series of less-skilled and fun activities are also popular during the festival, such as a Treasure Hunt, an Outdoor Friends Group Wedding, and a Best Rock Climbing Photo Contest. The Cross-Country Mountain Bike Race and the Cross-Country Foot Race, carried out among the verdant mountains, are popular activities adored by many outdoor enthusiasts.

Yangshuo, located 64 km south of Guilin city, is probably the most popular tourist town in China, due to its collection of stunning natural and cultural landscapes (like the Yulong River, Big Banyan Tree, Moon Hill, and West Street).

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