Maiden Voyage of Yangtze Gold 1 Cruise

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Yangtze Gold 1, the largest and the most luxurious cruise on Yangtze River, is scheduled her maiden voyage on May 28th, 2011. Like a floating five-star holiday village on the Yangtze River, landing field for helicopter, a mini-golf course and an open-air swimming pool are all available on the cruise.

The followings are four highlights of the luxurious cruise.

1. Passengers can board by helicopter. The 6-storey Yangtze Gold 1 Cruise is 139 meters long and 19.6 meters wide, with the capacity of 350 passengers.

2. Luxurious Enjoyment with the Presidential Suits. The whole voyage costs 4 days and the lowest price is 3,000 yuan (for a standard room). A president suite (with an area about 230 square meters) costs 36,000 yuan, and the guests can enjoy fruits and flowers, have dinner in the VIP dining room, and appreciate beautiful scenery on decks in their rooms.

3. Eating, accommodation, trading, traveling, shopping and entertainment are all available on the cruise. The supporting facilities of the cruise are very luxurious including commercial pedestrian street, open-air swimming pool, Chinese and western cafeteria, mini-golf course, dancing hall, bar, banquet hall, beauty salon, massage room and large-scale movie theater.

4. The noise inside the rooms is only about 40db, being lower than a common air-condition noise. The noise in a public area of the cruise is about 45db, comparing with 60 db, the average noise of other Yangtze cruises. (Tips: 45 db is parallel to the noise of a normal conversation, and noise higher than 60 db is ranged in noisy range.)

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