Nanxi Hot Spring of Ninghai

It is located on the Tianming Mountain northwest of the Ninghai County.

You may take a coach at the Ningbo South Coach Station to Ninghai, get off in Meilin and take a medium-sized bus there to the Nanxi Forestry Center.

It is one of the three famous hot springs in China. It is surrounded by the well-known Tiantai Mountain and Siming Mountain.

It has green mountain and water with luxuriant woods and rippling stream all the year around. According to the mensuration, geothermal water in this area is not only plentiful with moderate temperature, but also clean, transparent and of high grade, containing several trace elements. After people take a bath in the hot spring, they will have their skin moisturized and feel refreshed.

The hot spring also has remarkable curative effects for diseases, such as all kinds of skin diseases, arthritis and cardiovascular diseases as well as diseases regarding the nerves and digestion.

The summer here, whose temperature is 3-5℃ lower than that of Hangzhou and Ningbo, is a tourist, summer, recuperation, vacation and leisure resort unwonted in East China.

Questions and Answers About Nanxi Hot Spring of Ninghai

Jared Van de Geest 2012-11-28
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Hi there, I am planning on going to the springs this weekend.Would you recommend taking a train from Ningbo to Ninghai then a bus up to the springs?Where can we find this bus and what times does it leave?Also what would the cost be for a taxi from Ninghai to Ningbo or is there a late bus to take from Ninghai to Ningbo?What are the opening and closing hours?What accomodation do you recommend for in Ninghai?Thank you for your time

Hi Jared, yes, there are bullet train from Ningbo to Ninghai. From Ninghai to the springs, there is no direct transport. You can take bus from Ninghai Bus Station to Shenzhen Village first(about CNY10/PP). Then take a taxi to the springs(about CNY20). Sorry,  I didn't find the exact opening and closing hours for the bus.

For accommodation, you can stay in Ninghai Spring Hotel or Nanyuan villa. 

Whitney Liao replied on 2012-12-02
Bernard 2012-10-08
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Hi. Is there any day tour from Ningbo city to Nanxi Hot Spring of Ninghai.please provide detail of the day tour if any.Can I take a train to Ninghai, than take a taxi to the hot spring.what Is the ntrance fee?
You could take the bus from Ningbo South Bus station to Meili then connect the taxi to Nanxi Hot Spring, the entrace fee for the spring is CNY128 per person. It is said that there is direct bus operated from Ningbo city to Nanxi Hot Spring in winter (Dec. -Feb.), but no confirmation for this year yet. Karen guest replied on 2012-10-11
Mary 2011-03-05
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we are planning a week-end to ninghai hot springs. Is that area ok for bikers? Is there any charming place where to stay? Thanks
Ninghai Spring Hot is 75km from Ningbo city, even it is called as the one of three best Spring hot in China, few foreigner or Chinese in other province know it. I did not find there is any suitable place for biking or hiking, but learing from the pictures and other travelers' travel stories, i think it is a nice place for relaxing. Karen Karen Yang replied on 2011-03-08
ambra 2010-11-16
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Hi, is it possible to know which is the closest hotel to this plac? I 'd like to go there next week but I have found a lot of site and nobody can't tell (or doesn't want) which is the nearest hotel t this hot sring. thanks
Hello. You can try Ninghai Hot Spring Summer Resort (宁海天明山温泉大酒店), which is a four-star hotel located within the hot spring area. Uusally there are hotels or guest houses located inside or near hot spring resorts, so you don't need to worry about the accommodation. If you need tour services or have further inquiries, feel free to send us an email to, we will reply within 24 hours. Mia Yang replied on 2010-11-17
angie 2010-11-02
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Hi, I be in Ningbo on 16-18 Dec, is it advisable to go over from ningbo to nanxi hotspring? Also what is the best way of transportation to take.
Hi Angie, It will be quite coldto visit to the Nanxi Hotspring scenic spot in winter. This place is good for summer recuperation, vacation as its temperature is 3-5℃ lower than that of Hangzhou and Ningbo. If you want a try in winter, you may take a coach at the Ningbo South Coach Station to Ninghai, get off in Meilin and take a medium-sized bus there to the Nanxi Forestry Center. Grace Wang replied on 2010-11-02
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