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Songlan Mountain Seaside Resorts

The Songlan Mountain beach is surrounded by mountains and faces the sea. Blue sky, white clouds, blue sea and golden beach attract multitudes of tourists here. Tourists may spend holidays in the mountain, play on the island, and take pleasure on the sea, etc. You can choose the entertainment items according to your interests.

There are many such beaches along the coast of Xiangshan as well as a great many islands, while Songlan Mountain is the first major developed marine tourism scenic area and has been built into a provincial seaside resort. At present, projects, including on-sea activities center, Songlan Mountain City, Provincial Sailboat Training Base and Wildlife Park, etc, have been successively completed.

The coastal sightseeing road has also been opened from the Songlan Mountain to Baisha Bay beach and Zhao Wuniang Temple. The promotion of characteristic tourist items such as beach leisure activities, on-sea sport, hunting on sea island will make you experience the pleasure of marine tourism.