Ordos Grassland

ordos grassland tourist areaThe Ordos Grassland Tourism Zone

The Ordos Grassland is located 12 kilometers west of Hangjinqi County in Ordos Prefecture and 70 kilometers east of Shizhenyuan Tourism Zone. The Ordos Grassland Tourism Zone has as its base the beautiful grass landscape of Hangjinqi County and is combined with the Ordos Ethnic Performance and ethnic customs. The tourism zone is divided into the Performance Zone, the Catering Service Zone, the Rest Zone, the Equestrian and Archery Zone, the Mongolia Memorial Service Zone and the Mongolian Customs Zone.

Traditional activities on the Ordos Grassland include wrestling, equestrianism, archery and the consecrating service. Here you can indulge yourself in the Mongolian cuisine culture, the dancing and singing culture and the highly ethno-specific consecrating service. Inside the tourism zone there are 100 Mongolian-style tents that are used for providing catering and accommodation for visitors.
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